Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania

View BSWP's February 8, 2021 Zoom meeting here.
View BSWP's January 11, 2021 Zoom meeting here.

BSWP Meetings

The Society meets monthly from September through June on every second Monday of the month at 7:15 p.m. For now, our meetings take place via Zoom.

Members who have joined the BSWP e-mail list will be contacted and e-mailed an invitation (link and password) to each monthly meeting.

Directions to our museum meetings, when they resume:

Directions to Ford Mateer Classroom of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History:

The entrance to the parking lot, which is gated, is just past the Museum at the intersection of Forbes and Craig Street. The Ford-Mateer Classroom is reached through the Portal Entry in the rear parking lot area. Once inside the building, the room is located just beyond the Security desk on the left. In addition to the Museum parking lot, which costs $6, there are metered spaces on Forbes Avenue opposite the Museum and along Craig Street that are free after 6 p.m. From there you will cross the street and walk through the right side of the gates to the parking lot. Continue on the sidewalk to the rear of the building where you will see the sign for “Portal Entry” ahead. 

If you do not park in the Museum’s lot, from Forbes Avenue, walk along the right side of the parking toll gates to the parking lot. Continue on the sidewalk to the rear of the building where you will see the sign for "Portal Entry" ahead. 

Directions to the Carnegie Museum

BSWP Field Trips

Registration for Botanical Society field trips is not required. Everyone is welcome, including non-members. Trips last 3 to 4 hours but one can leave at any time. For questions, call the field trip leader or Loree Speedy at 724-872-5232/home; 724-518-6022/cell or

All members are invited to provide their e-mail addresses to receive information and periodic updates of additional field trips scheduled throughout the year. Please send an e-mail to if you are not on the list.

Botanical Society Field Trip in Fayette County with a limit on group size

Bring a mask and wear it when appropriate. Remember it is allergy season, and we will be near pollen!  Social distancing, six feet or more, is mandatory, except for those in the same household. Bring hand sanitizer and wash your hands after using restrooms and touching door handles, etc. Do not come if you do not feel well, or if you are sniffling, coughing, sneezing repeatedly, etc.

•  The coronavirus is still present and it has not gone away.

•  You can catch COVID-19 if you come into contact with it.

•  Most people will not be seriously ill. Some people will become seriously ill.

•  The older you are, the more dangerous COVID-19 may be to you.

•  Wearing a mask protects others, not only you.

• You can be asymptomatic, no symptoms, and still be a carrier.

•  You can be pre-symptomatic, no symptoms, and still be a carrier.

•  Washing your hands frequently protects you.

•  Keeping a 6-10 foot distance away from others protects you and them.